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What are your Prices?

It's really hard to prepare a Price list for every single of the vast category of services I provide. It would have been a long long page, and perhaps too boring and confusing. So instead, I can tell you I normally charge about $15-30 USD for an hour of work. for a better estimation, please reach out to me, so that I can see what your request is and give you a closer price range.

Could you work with a half price?

Icons and their Meaning

What are these Icons?

Old works - Skull Icon
On Discount - Fire Icon

These two Icons represent "Really old works" and "Items on sale".

Why would you even share your old works?

Normally, it's a mistake to share the work you've done in the far away past, especially when it's full of Flaws and has significant disadvantages compared with your current skills.

But however, too many potential clients Insist on seeing an example very very close to what they want before deciding to commission someone. (For example, if someone wants a portrait of a Horse, no matter how many good works you have of other animals, the client wants to see a horse to make sure you're able to do it.)

That's why I decided to Add those old works anyways, but mark them with a 💀 to emphasize it's out of my current standards.

How much is the discount for Items on sale?

Something between %10 or up to %50.

You can always Ask me :)

Why are some items on sale?

Could be because I want to enrich my portfolio in a certain field, especially when I had no choice but to put really old works to display for that section.

or... basically when I'm in the mood for something specific.

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