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My interests

Sometimes it's adding beauty to something,

Sometimes it's creating beautiful things.

I like a beautiful website. So I love creating one.

I'm into a beautiful experience. So UI/UX excites me.

Have you seen the beauty in a well-assembled Team? the delightful experience of working with one? I love that too.

Anything, literally, every single possible concept of beauty is my thing, and I will never stop craving for expanding my lifetime experience on learning, participating, and creating them.

Wix is suggesting me to add some description to this Image. Weird. What should I say? Self portrait of me,  super handsome?

Experience Path


Awww Baby me!

I was born in 1996.

Since the very early ages,

My favourite toy was my pencil :)

Yay young me behind Laptop

When I was 18, I was introduced

to a Book Publication group and started designing book covers for them as a freelancer.

Yo yo brief case

Before a year was past, Our brand was bought out by MMID, and all of us were officially hired. That was my first employment.

Teenage me. I didnt wear those hats though. I was and am proudly a Classic wearer guy. Basically Patrick Bateman.

When I was 8 years old,

My Uncle, who's a Graphic designer,

taught me how do some fun tricks with Adobe Photoshop. I became obsessed!

The office, Season 07, Episode 19, Minute 14:45

at 2015 I went to University.

Meanwhile continued doing some freelance job, and creating a small designing brand for myself. 

LOL inverted brief case

Throughout the years, My experience and skills were growing in related fields. I was offered better positions, such as Sr.Graphic designer and later Art director, while I was trying and learning a lot of new things.

TF am I supposed to write about this :((

Later at High school,

I participated in Graphic design related volunteer tasks, in online communities whenever there was a chance.

Elon musk can eat this

While I was still a student,

Me and a group of my friends started a startup, providing Smart and security services, and I was in charge of Branding,  Advertisements, etc.

I hate SEO, why are you forcing me to write things for these images :((

It was all smooth and nice until Covid happened. a lot of groups and companies had to dismiss their staff, or close their entire branches. that's the period when I had to Work from home.

Yay meeee hehe that's how I look as an Icon

And eventually, was back at Freelancer life. had some fun and good projects, and started acting as CMO at Red beak Agency, a brand that me and a partner were building. but due to some problems, it's paused for now. so... I'm looking for employment!

My Resume/CV

A more detailed record of my work life

Here's my Standard Resume available in a PDF format for those whom it concerns.


Apps & Assets



Really good wth



Really good with


ADOBE Illustrator

Basic Level



Basic Level





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