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Character design is one of the most complicated and sensitive fields in all design subjects.

Every single line, color, and shape matters. the smallest of details can yield huge differences in the outcome, and one should know A LOT -if not master it- to be able to successfully design characters.

Let's review the process of a Character re-design I recently made for the ConstruaBuildIt group.

"Faz Tudo" character re-design:

Dr. Faz Tudo, Is a mascot designed for a construction business group located in Mozambique.
He's a Smart Engineer who's a father to a little girl, who usually has adventures involving inventions and Repairs.

The purpose behind his creation is to inspire children to like and learn more, especially to attract them to Electronics and Innovations.

It's worth mentioning that Since he's from south africa, where a lot of different people from different nations are gathered together, he kind of looks like a hybrid of all races so that any child could relate to him.

Faz Tudo Original

Original design for "Faz Tudo" - Artist Unkown

Character Design & Redesign Steps:

The first thing you should know is What you want.

It may seem a very obvious, basic thing, but trust me, so many people can't really decide what they want easily, especially when it comes to the important details, which is what gives depth to every character!

Don't worry though! Here's where a good designer can help.

by Asking around the concept, BrainStorming, portraying imaginary scenarios for the character with the client, and deciding what he/she would do in that situation, through discussions and conversations and eventually shaping a firm core for the Character.

Faz Tudo Sketch 01

Let's take a look at this example:


Sketch one:

The owner thought the original design was looking too young to be a father figure, and also he didn't like the haircut.

So naturally, the first Sketch was an older man, with a new haircut.

Sketch Two:

The first sketch has its own new problems.

He looked Too rough, and a little bit too old. He looked Ideal as a father to a 20-35 years-old daughter, but not a 7-10 years-old young girl.

So his character was Softened,

and I Give him a little potion of youth!

Can you guess what was the problem with 2nd sketch?

Faz Tudo Sketch 02

Sketch Three and Four:

Yes! He was looking dumb!

Honestly, That's a silly face. Would perfectly work in a comedy cartoon series, but that's not something we needed.

So, two new sketches were proposed to the client:

Faz Tudo Sketch 03
Faz Tudo Sketch 04

I liked the Buff version better, but my client fell in love with this one! so, here's the final result:

Faz Tudo Final

This character was later displayed in a series of comics, which you can find here.

The process is very similar for Character design (compared with Re-design), but usually, the visuals are a lil bit less, while the verbal discussions with the client are more in the earlier stages.

However, here are some visual processes for two of the mascots I've already introduced fully here displayed below:

Xorro Sketch 01
Xorro Sketch 02
Xorro Sketch 03
Xorro Sketch 04
Xorro - Character

"Xorro" character design:





05 - Final Design

Character Design

Faz Tudo:

Faz Tudo project is introduced Right here.

We prepared This Educational Comic page in the Portuguese Language for Mozambique children.