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John Wick - self insert

Why me? Let me tell you why!

1- I'm Batman

I'm literally Batman. don't tell anyone though.

...especially to the Joker.

2- Experiences

Not just by the number of Years (since 2012!)  but also by the variety of the fields I've been in.

One might think that if someone didn't devote all his years to one specific field, it means he must have been less focused or Unsure about his passion, but that's simply just not true!


An uncontainable amount of love will make it impossible to resist the urge for learning and experience more!

And they also come in super handy! When you know a little bit of this, it helps you understand better a little bit of that, and eventually, a deeper mastery of all of them. and luckily, I've had the Time and Passion to learn about and practice in a lot of fields, and I've never doubted it for a second in my life.



2- Unique Core Skills!

I've never been a guy to accept any limits. If something exists, then I just gotta expand its borders!


Being really good at something will neither convince nor satisfy me, I'll have to dig deeper, explore and in the end add something to it!


That's why I have unique skills like โญ๏ธcopying Art styles โญ๏ธ or my own ways and understanding the things I do and the fields I practice.

3- I can help you find others

Since I've been there for a long time, I have good connections & also I've been a manager for years, so I'm familiar with the process of Interviewing and Hiring people. So... even if there's something I have personally absolutely no clue about (like 3D design or programming, etc) I can still help you find people, either by suggesting good Artists I know, or posting Ads on local websites (We have amazing Artists with really good prices in our country!) and help you assemble your team or find your ideal artist.


Woah Wojak
Woah wojak
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